Traditional Pest Control in North Wales

The Warrener is a company formed to undertake and maintain a traditional form of Agricultural Pest Control using traps, dogs, ferrets and snares.

We work with farmers and landowners offering a cost effective and totally natural form of traditional pest control in North Wales. 

We help to control a range of pests including fox’s, rabbits, mole’s and rats all using traditional methods and with no chemicals involved.  We only target the species that are caught ensuring that there will be no impact on the environment. 

Traditional Pest Control Methods

Our work is carried out using government guidelines to ensure minimum suffering and all ferrets  and terriers used are fitted with electronic locators should they get into any difficulties.

Why Choose Us for Your Traditional Pest Control?

The Warrener Traditional Pest Control in North Wales are sensitive to our customers needs.  Recommendations from our customers play a big part in our business, so your opinion counts!

We are very competitive with our pricing - there is no charge for chemicals.

It is important to me to respect my customer's property and land by tidying any mess and using gates.  Any holes are filled.  Our key selling point is that there is no harm to other wildlife or lifestock as a result of my work.  I do not use chemicals which can damage the environment and cause issues for other animals.

We Are Fully Insured

We carry all the required insurance policies for your peace of mind.

Dogs being used for traditional pest control in North Wales with minimal environmental impact